OWD – Open Water Diver

During this course you will gain basic knowledge and experience for maximum diving safety. The primary advantage of ANDI diving courses over diving courses of other training facilities is a big emphasis on safety. One of the ways to achieve this is by using a redundant breathing system/RBS. ANDI Open Water Diver course prepares you for air dives to the depth of 18m, while with additional dives as a part of this course you can expand the licence for air dives to the depth of 30m. During the Open Water Diver course you can also attend the course on Nitrox (SafeAir®) diving-Limited SafeAir User. Diving with Nitrox (SafeAir®) makes your dives even safer. Ensure the safest first steps into the underwater world and make sure that your underwater experience will be even more enjoyable.


Theoretical knowledge:

  • Introduction to the underwater world
  • Adapting to the underwater world
  • Introducing the Complete Diving System (CDS)
  • The body protection and buoyancy control systems
  • The data system and additional equipment
  • Underwater environment in open water
  • Primary effects of pressure
  • Secondary effects of pressure and diving maladies
  • Dive planning with decompression tables and personal dive computer
  • Dive planning procedures and buddy team functioning (diving with a buddy)


Practical exercises:

  • Two pool dives (confined environment)
  • 5-6 dives in open water


Course duration:

6 days

  • Theory: 14 hours
  • Pool exercises: 4–6 hours
  • Exercises and open water dives: 6–8 hours


Candidate prerequisites:

  • Must be 16+ years old (12–15 years of age for Junior Open Water Diver)
  • Completed medical statement (or a medical certificate not older than one year)
  • Completed liability release and assumption of risk form



Included in the price:

  • ANDI Open Water Sport Diver text, ANDI Open Water Sport Diver workbook, Logbook ANDI Sport Diver, ANDI non-decompression tables, ANDI Adria decal, diploma and certification card, woolen cap (T-shirt), waterproof zipper folder for documents, ANDI complete diving system rental, cylinder refill, pool and classroom use.

Not included in the price:

  • Transport to locations




Consult with your instructor on the possibility of expanding the course to a depth of 30m or attending the LSU course during the Open Water Diver course. Based on expansion the final price of the course can be altered. With 12 years of age you can enter the Junior Open Water Diver course, which automatically becomes Open Water Diver, when you turn 16. The Junior Open Water Diver certification is only valid for air dives to the depth of 18m accompanied by an adult diver (a family member/guardian) or an instructor. Enrolment is only accepted after prepayment/deposit. In the case of unauthorized absence from the course, there is no return of the deposit.